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Influence of Shopping Orientation and Store Image on Patronage of Furniture Store

International Journal of Marketing Studies, Vol. 2, No. 1; May 2010

Yasmin Hassan
Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad
Hatinah Abu Bakar


Knowledge on furniture consumers’ retail patronage will promote and enhance efforts to increase sales at furniture stores and could guide future research. This research therefore was proposed to develop a general model of retail patronage and to empirically test the relationships proposed in the model in the context of  furniture market. The objectives of the study include 1) is to review existing retail patronage models and related literature 2) to develop a general framework of retail patronage behavior and 3) to test the model in the furniture store shopping patterns. Based on a review of the literature the study proposed to adapt Darden’s patronage model of consumer behavior. 115 data were collected through survey questionnaires and the underlying relationship among the variables that characterize consumers’ patronage behavior towards furniture was studied.
Statistically it was found that in terms of shopping orientation, the apathetic shopper and the personalizing shopper was influenced by the lifestyle of the consumer and hence influenced the customer patronage. Store image on the other hand was found to enhance the impact on consumer patronage of the furniture store and  moreover acted as both the predictor and the moderator.
Keywords: Patronage, Store image, Shopping orientation



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