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A Factor Analysis Approach for Understanding Attitude and Consumer Behavior Toward Supermarkets in the Bangkok Metropolitan Areas

ANZMAC 2002 Conference Proceedings

Veerapong Malai
Wuttisak Pitsuwan


This paper examines the attitude and consumer behavior toward supermarkets in Bangkok Metropolitan Areas by surveying 625 respondents, randomly chosen from within 50 areas in Bangkok using a self-administered questionnaire. The fundamental outcomes demonstrate that management strategies for supermarket-retailing store businesses should be different depending on the type of supermarkets. For example, when practitioners intend to expand outlets in department stores, location is the first element to be considered. For supermarkets in discount stores, customers typically prefer the stores that offer reasonable product price and sales promotion. In addition, store atmosphere was found to be the least significant factor in accounting for the preferences for consumers of supermarkets in discount stores and in department stores.



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